Friday, April 15, 2011

Food Giant Coupon Matchups

This is very rough but hopefully will help!

*You do not have to buy 2 when it says 2 for $5. They will ring up 2.50 per store. In that case, just use one coupon*
*They will only double 3 of the exact same coupon.*

*Kraft Dressing - $1 - Use $1/3 coupon. - Makes it .33 cents each when you buy 3.
*Hamb Helper - $1 - Use .75/3 coupon. - Makes it .50 each when you buy 3.
*Betty Crocker Cake Mix - $1 - Use .75/cake & icing. - Makes it roughly .50 each when you buy both.
*Pine Sol - 2/$5 - Use (2) $1/1 printables. - Makes it .50 each whether you buy 1 or 2.
*Purex - 2/$5 - Use (2) $1/1 coupons. - Makes it .50 each whether you buy 1 or 2.
*Minute Maid OJ - 2/$5 - Use (2) $1/1 coupons. - Makes it .50 each whether you buy 1 or 2.
*Bar S Corn Dogs - $3.99 - Use $1/1 coupon. Makes it $1.99 for 3 lbs!!
*Kraft Shredded Cheese - $1.00 - Use $1/2 coupon. Makes it FREE when you buy 2.
*Kraft Singles - $1.00 - Use $1/1 coupon. Makes it FREE.
*Sister Shubert Yeast Rolls - 2/$5 - Use (2) $.75 printable coupons. Makes them $1 when you buy 2.
*Hormel Kids Kitchen - $1.00 - Use $1/1 coupon. Make is FREE.
*Duncan Hines bag brownie mix - $1.19 - Use .50/1 coupon. Makes it .19!!!
*Carpet Fresh - $1.88 - Use $1/1 coupon. - Makes it FREE. (only 2 fragrances)
*French's Worchestire Sauce - $1.29 - Use .75/1 coupons. Makes it FREE.
*Lipton Tea - Tiny Box $1.06 - Use your .60/1 coupons. Makes it FREE.

Other freebies you may have coupons for : Mccormick brown gravy mix, Taco Bell taco seasoning, and Pillsbury Brownie mix.

Here is my list for monday:
9 kraft dressings, 9 hamb helper, 3 bc cake mix, 3 bc icing, 2 pine sol, 3 purex, 1 minute maid, 2 boxes of corn dogs, 6 kraft shredded cheese, 2 hormel kids meals, 3 kraft singles, 2 sister shuberts rolls....I will only spend....(drum roll please) $18.70 Pretax!!!!!!!!!  Michael is also going to take a buggy so that he can use 3 coupons of kraft, hamb helper and such. Hope this helps!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What's Going On?

Hey friends. I know its been a while, since Sept '10 to be exact. I have been really busy helping Michael with his new business, homeschool, and now co-op again. Here are two main things that have come about recently. 1. Sarah's Pig Pals, which is her guinea pig business, has really taken off and 2. I have started couponing.
1. For those of you who didn't know Sarah has started breeding guinea pigs. She started with just one as a pet and now has 8 breeders and about 9 babies. They have been selling as fast as she can have them; so she is fixing to add 3 more breeders to her outfit. Her and her dad built her a rack for them this past Friday. She is really enjoying this and is learning alot. She has to buy their food and supplies out of her income. She takes a percentage for tithes and savings and has spending money left over. She is quite the business lady. Since she is selling them wholesale they are much cheaper than a pet store and raised healthier and better too if you ask me! She only gets $15 for her short hair guinea pigs and $25 for her long hair pigs.
2. Yes, I have started couponing. Here are a few things for those of you who would like to coupon but thinks it is not worth the trouble.
-Coupons are like cash: would you throw away a quarter, fifty cents, or even a dollar? Absolutely not, but that is what you are doing when you throw your coupons away.
-Many stores double coupons on certain days of the week or possibly everyday like publix.
-Buy your Sunday paper at the Dollar Tree not Wmart or the gas station. I buy about 5 a week.
-At Walgreens, CVS, Target, and Publix you can use a store coupon and a manu. coupon on the same item. Yes, you can use two coupons for the same item.
-At Walgreens, CVS, and Riteaid you can get free items almost every week.
-You can use 2 coupons on Buy One get One Free items. Both items scan so you can use a coupon for each item.
-You can use coupons on clearance and sale items.

Here is a Publix scenario. Ragu is on sale Buy One Get One for 2.49. You cut (2) .50 coupons for Ragu out of your Sunday paper. Since Publix doubles coupons every day of the week take your coupons. Buy 1 for 2.49 and get the second free. Use both of your coupons which will double for a total of 2.00 OFF which means you get two jars for only .49! See what I mean? Don't throw your money away. 

Hope this helps. I will try to start posting more and I will try to put a few pics of the guinea pigs also. Spread the word about her business please. Also, if you still don't want your coupons SAVE THEM FOR ME!!!!! haha

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Buckmasters and Calhoun County Reptile Expo

1. Buckmasters - How fun! It was like being paid to go on vacation! We had alot of fun especially Sarah and I. We were given rooms at the Renaissance at the Montgomery Convention Complex. It was really really nice. Michael had to work most of the time - sitting with his snake display at the Lacrosse Footwear display. He met lots of nice people. Sarah and I mostly saw the sights in town. We had lots of mommy daughter time. It seemed very quiet because we had left Michael Jr. and Julia with grandma and grandy. I even caught a nap one time! Anyway, that was the weekend of the 20th. Then . . .

2. Calhoun County Reptile Expo - Successful! This was this last weekend. We had lots of help from some good friends. JJ and April and the kids from church was there ALL day to help. I bet they were worn out. Also 2 of Michael's friends helped, Kurtis and Curtis. Also my mother's 17 yr old neighbor Ryan. Everyone was lots of help. We figure by the admission collected that there was between 300 - 400. Thats pretty good for a first time show. We would like to have another one in November or December but will have to check on our dates.

Alright. I am getting sleepy so I guess I will go to bed and write more later!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

New Blog Link

Just put a new link over on the left to Steve Skinner's new blog. Its a great read so far!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Summer Update!

Wow. The last post before tonight was May 26th. I think that was the day that Michael decided that Lavender Exotics (his business) would host the first ever Calhoun County Reptile Expo . June and July seem like the longest two months ever. We want this to be the best show ever so there has been a lot of work involved. Still is. But other than work, there was alot of fun. He was off the week of July 4th.

 We went to Montgomery to visit a friend. Of course, we took in the sights of the capitol while we were there.

We also went to Clanton's Peach Park! Yum. (but expensive)

 We also went to see Toy Story 3 in 3D that week with the kids.

 And we went to Point Mallard. Swam in the Tennessee River! What else have we done? Well, ALOT ot of swimming in my aunt and uncles pool next door.

I have also joined Facebook. I know I said I never would, but I am doing a lot of advertising on there. I am going to try something new for me tonight. Instead of keeping up with both, I am going to try to post my blog post on facebook. Voila! Let's hope it works. I still have some more pics but it is almost 1:00 am and I have a teacher's meeting in the morning! Bye.


Took this pic on the way to Springville Walmart one day.

ICEE Time! We love Icees!

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